1-4 player competitive fantasy action
Level up and gain new skills by hunting monsters for experience
Collect mighty weapons and slay your foes in combat

Welcome to the Battleground

You are a powerful hero, fighting for glory and honor in a great outdoor arena, filled with furious monsters. Collect legendary treasures, level up and gain new skills, all while fighting in this epic battle against your foes. Hero Clash is a game about powering up your hero, by searching for unique magical equipment and unlocking new hero skills. Players compete against each other in a large outdoor arena, where each region offers strategic opportunities in the battle for glory and honor. Will you be the fierce warrior queen, destined to slay your enemies while wielding legendary weapons and armor? Will you be the noble paladin champion, hellbent on bringing your foes to justice with every blow of your hammer and every bash of your shield? Will you be the cunning wizard, yielding powerful magic and laying waste to your enemies with fire and steel alike? Will you be the furious dwarven berserker, rampaging your way to victory in a blood crazed frenzy? Will you be the nimble and swift ranger, bombarding your foes from afar with arrows of deadly precision?

How to Play

In HeroClash players compete by collecting trophies. The winner is the player who collects the required number of trophies first. Trophies are gained by defeating monsters or other players in combat. The more powerful the monster the more trophies it is worth. However, to stand a chance against the most powerful monsters, players will need to collect treasures and unlock new skills by gaining experience. Each region on the board offers a tactical advantage to the hero who occupies it, and determining where to move during a player’s turn is an important part of the strategy in HeroClash. After moving at the start of their turn, the player gets to roll the special HeroClash dice. Each dice can be rerolled up to two times, and depending on the outcome they can help the hero either: collect treasure, summon monsters to fight, perform melee or ranged attacks, regain lost health, or gain additional Hero Power. Hero Power is used to activate the hero’s unique skills, and therefore this is an important resource to manage during a game of HeroClash. Players can also cast spells and use their equipment to gain an edge throughout the game. As the action intensifies the true champion will be the player who utilizes every advantage in their arsenal to push for victory. Will you be the mighty conqueror to claim glory and honor in the arena? Then you must be prepared when the heroes clash - in HeroClash!